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Submission for Retro Platform Jam #1. Top-down isometric shooter with one short demo level for the Sega Genesis. It can be played on real hardware using a flash cart or in an emulator. This game supports the Sega Mega Mouse in controller port 2 for aiming. In RetroArch, setting the controller type in port 2 to "MD Mouse" will enable mouse support.


No Mouse:

B - Fire

When holding Fire - Rapid Fire, and turret stays locked in the same direction until Fire is released.

D-Pad - Move / Aim

With Mouse in Controller Port 2:

B / Left Click - Fire

When holding Fire - Rapid Fire

D-Pad - Move

Mouse - aim towards cursor

Install instructions

Tested with RetroArch or on a real Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


Sega Genesis / Mega Drive ROM: Hover Tank X-Treme (JUE).bin 256 kB

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